Hot oldie!

I just got home from work,tired,hot,and horny,so I figured I’d shower,then jack off,nothing new. My wife and kids were out for a few hours,so after my shower,I got things ready… Read more

Sweet Jane

Its was early in the afternoon. I walked into the living room and Jane was there with a couple of her friends. “Hi”. “Hi”, they all replied cheerily. “What’s up?”… Read more

Random Seductions Pt. 3

My time at school had become a time that I expected sex every day. I was really enjoying the times with Joyce and Carl a lot and one day I… Read more

Church Whore 3: final chapter for a cheating housewife turned Ho

Alberto Cazares: Listen boy, when you are making a whore, for the best result, you need to have patience and you must keep the little pussy believing that needs you.… Read more

Church Whore 2: church-going mom and wife seduced into prostitution

Alberto Cazares speaking: That Isabel, heh, let me tell you, I could see her for what she was from the first Sunday she come in to church with her little… Read more

Church Whore: church-going mom strays into prostitution

I was standing in front of the last pew, the corner seat by the center aisle, with my daughters to my right, and across the aisle was Mr. Cazares standing… Read more

Princess Veronica’s footjob loving slave

If enough people like this, I’ll write more… ~~~~~ “Oh yes, that’s it slave. You are so low that you can’t even lick my ass. MMM yes! Lick those dirty… Read more
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