Avatar TLA: Cut For Time; Episode 2: The Avatar Returns

Avatar TLA: Cut for Time Episode 2: The Avatar Returns Katara couldn’t believe her luck. Just after she had her moment with Aang, they had triggered a booby trap that… Read more

Avatar TLA: Cut For Time; Episode 1: Boy in the Iceberg

Avatar: Cut for Time Episode 1: Boy in the Iceberg. **This series will consist of sexual encounters placed into the context of the show. Each episode in the series will… Read more

Sandra and Lana Round Two

I laid down in my basement floor bedroom . Katy had taken the attic room, Logan had the main floor single, Sandra and Lana had the main floor double. Everyone… Read more

Best vacation ride you could have

We were all loaded up for the hour and a half drive. Katy was driving, Logan took shotgun , which left me in the back between Sandra and Lana. It… Read more

Movie night

I can’t believe I was so stupid, I really thought Bob loved me. I was 16 and he was 21. He had been my boyfriend for about a month, against… Read more

Teachers pet

Teachers little petSophia was a design student from Parsons, was about nineteen and had moved to the city from New Hampshire in August, it was now mid september. She had… Read more

Horny Bus Stop Brunette

A few month back I was riding home from school on the city bus … I look over and see this sexy brunette breast size about a C cup ass… Read more

The incident that changed my life forever. 2

The incident that changed my life for the better. In high school, I had only had sex with 2 girls. The first was because I heard she was “easy”. As… Read more

Jan’s confession of sex before we met

While we were just friends! Jan and myself grew up in the same village, we were friends long before we got together, she had a couple of steady boyfriends before… Read more

Becky my daughters 18 year old friend

Walking thru the mall I spotted her. She walked confidently down the corridor stopping just in front of me. “Hi, how are you” Becky said.“Good, how about you” I replied.… Read more
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