a new life for Ruth

Ruth Anderson sat at in her new office, she had been promoted six months earlier and it still excited her being on the tenth floor. Ruth was a quiet lady… Read more


Master tortured me last night. I didn’t think that kind of torture was possible from 1400km away, but he managed to do it. What did he do? Simple. He made… Read more

Erika and the headmaster part 6

     A week later, the headmaster informed Erika that Bethany Crister had been caught smoking marijuana again, a fourth offense. Stage four punishment was called for, and Erika listened intently… Read more

Erika and the headmaster part 5

     Erika was excited when Mr. Smith told her that Bethany Crister had again been caught smoking maijuana. Now it was a third offense, and the headmaster told her what… Read more

Erika and the headmaster part 4

     Mr. Smith was relaxing at home after another great day. He had delivered a second punishment to Brittany Hodges, 1 round of punishment had not been enough, so Miss… Read more

Erika And The Headmaster part 3

     The next day, Erika was summoned to the headmaster’s office. She felt a fluttering in her belly, she was still keeping her nose clean, and wondered what Mr. Smith… Read more

Erika and the headmaster part 2

     Erika was keeping her nose clean, for now. The remembrance of the pain of her caning was still fresh, and even though it provided her great mastubatory fodder, to… Read more

Erika and the headmaster.

     Erika had been a wild child, always getting into trouble. Her parents tried everything, grounding her, taking away her cell phone, cutting her allowance to a bare minimum, but… Read more

Linda at the gas station

Just the other day I was getting gas for my motorcycle. Up pulls a woman right behind me and she’s about 25 with Blondie hair. She steps out of her… Read more
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