The Beginning Of A Brief Affair

I can still remember that day so very clearly, I can still hear the rain falling outside and the taste of the sweat on his skin. It was four months… Read more

My First Orgasm

MY FIRST ORGASM I’ve been thinking back to my teenage years and I remembered my very first orgasm. That was a long time ago, 45 years to be exact, but… Read more

shopping excitement

I like to get a hard on when walking around andhope that some girls notice.  Anyway I had to buy some shoes and went into this shop near lunchtime.  There… Read more

My friend’s mom and I

So this happened when I was 18. It may seem weird that a 18 year old guy would sleep over at his friend’s house but it was awesome if you… Read more

Love my Daddy-Anna’s First Time

“I’ve been waiting for this for a long time my little dove,” Paul whisperedto his daughter Anna. “All you had to do was ask, I would have let you and… Read more


I am not a virgin anymore. I lost my virginity to my boy friend 3 years ago. When I fell in love with him, I knew that he was the… Read more

Vulva Island

<p><font size="3"><font face="Arial">Vulva Island</font></font></p><font size="3"><font face="Arial"><br /></font></font>&nbsp;<font face="Arial"><font size="3">One day, our ship arrived at an unknown island. Near the coast there was a forest. Higher up there were two large… Read more

A Simple Pleasure

You’ve been laying on the soft silk sheets of the bed for a few minutes now.  You haven’t seen anything for a half hour.  I’ve already taken the liberty of… Read more

Sealing the Deal

Sealing the Deal – All Things Come Together The meeting was nearly over and I was looking forward to relaxing. Three young ladies were going through the room topping off… Read more

Im think of a new friend

I open up my computer to the stories and seen my name and got very horny started to master bate, I call my mom up so she could come over,… Read more
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