My really dirty fetish

At the age of 12 I was generally a sporty lad with no real interest with girls. One day when My mum and Dad were out of the house and… Read more

A Living Doll. Part 1

     A LIVING DOLL. PART 1   I flashed a smile at the clerk. Her badge rested on her full rack and her name was Liberty. Color flooded her cheeks… Read more

Sex Toy

You have worked very hard today, many decisions to make, many deals to close. You are stressed and know you need a break. You stand up and stretch. You smile… Read more

A girl and her robots 2

God how come I never get into that robotics business? ” I asked myself for probably the 100th time now. I’ve tried every business in the city and no one… Read more

The Lonely Office

Cheryl worked in an office as a purchasing agent, and there was a large group of office workers that liked to get together after work for drinks, or sometimes dinner.… Read more

My Day Off

 I woke up early in the morning after having an amazing sex dream. I could feel the warm between my legs and immediately knew what I had to do.  I… Read more

Red Light Special

“Attention K-Mart shoppers. Please join us on Aisle 10. We have featured several items on sale: Extra Large Trojan Condoms, KY Warming Lubricant, a fine selection of lingerie, guaranteed to… Read more

Checking into the Mental Institution

Stacy checked herself into the mental institution. She didn’t want to, but her friends and family wanted her to go, they pushed her to going, they had a go reason.… Read more

The strap on

The wife smiled as she opened the box. As she took what was inside my eyes opened wide. It was a 71/2 inch dildo with a strap for her to… Read more

The Toy Shop

     Roxy hated having to get out of bed and get ready for work. It was cold and snowing outside and all she wanted to do was stay in bed… Read more
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