I AWOKE WITH A GASP A Saturday morning fantasy

I AWOKE WITH A GASPA Saturday morning fantasy I awoke with an audible gasp and sharp intake of breath when you splash my face and body with a bowl of… Read more

Missing u TextMsg43

Txt msg.Hi hey how yu d baby Im not hereI want u to come kiss my nippleBaby i have some work to doSad im cryingBaby y yu crying you dont… Read more

A Hot & Erotic Roleplay

Hi All ISS Fans and Readers! It;s Playboy again with new gift for you. Today I am going to post a roleplay of fine happened with one of my sex… Read more

the big house

put your self in my shoes, this is a story that myself and partner wrote together taking in turns to write paragraphs. hope enjoy as much as we did There… Read more


Hostage by Firebird. Kylie’s pussy lips quivered. Her whole body was both excited and scared. Laying face down on a fainting couch wasn’t her idea of fun though. The shackles… Read more

three some 2 girls and 1 guy

Ok it started out that we were at the Halloween party, our first one. You me and Shelby are all fucked up, but you’re fucked up worse than we are… Read more

My Woman LIkes It Rough

My girl and I have always had a very sexual relationship. It was based on physical attraction from day one. A few months into our carrying on I discovered what… Read more

Trying Out The Boss

Im boss, I have my own office, Secretary, etc. I run a successful Lingerie business, I attend big AGM meetings and the like, making million dollar deals, arranging million dollar… Read more

Chemistry Tutor

The classroom was hot and the air stagnant. Once again I found myself slipping in and out of sleep. The lids of my eyes felt heavy, and my arm didn’t… Read more

My Night Out On The Town

My Night Out On The Town It was a muggy, Friday night, and I was feeling “ancy”, so I decided to get dressed and go out on the town. I… Read more
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