James the Sissy Slut

Hi, my name is James and I love sucking cocks. Not just a little. Sucking cocks is what I love more than anything and what I do to give my… Read more

Eighth Inning

At age 14 I had the opportunity to play for a community baseball team. Iwas only an average player but loved the game nonetheless. My team played acouple times a… Read more

Oral Sex & Fun Pictures

•Oral Sex and Pictures• It was a nice Saturday after noon and you wanted me to come over to stay the night with you for a night because you love… Read more

Oreo Licked Clit Peachierino

Her sex face was the height he fingered her deep orgasm how she hit the ceiling. Her kiss tasted of sweetness and spice. Sipping her foamy his cappuccino she was… Read more

Sometimes Naughty Nipple

His mouth covered hers again his mouth slid down such an instinct kicked in“God, you taste so good he plunged beneath her naughty look of a sexy grin.Her nipple jutted… Read more

losing my virginity to my brother in law

Hi all readers, I am Artika and I am 27 years old, slim, fair and have a nice structure of 34C-28-36. I want to share with you some of the… Read more

Kneeling down ( being shared)

That peach glow on my skin , I inherited it from my mother. If I were to travel back in time to my mothers youth , I would find in… Read more

A Creamy Visit (Lesbian/Bisexual) Eaten Out

It was one of the hottest nights of the summer, and I was home alone extremely horny. I had just taking a long bubble bath and put on a booty… Read more

The Blowjob Queen of West Bundy Drive Chapter 2

There was this friend of my brother’s who I really liked. Both Royce and his buddy were two years older than me. I asked Royce if he thought that Justin,… Read more

The Blowjob Queen of West Bundy Drive Chapter 1

This story is extremely loosely based on a girl in one of my old neighborhoods who had an incestuous relationship with her brother. She also liked to give the boys… Read more
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