Jerking off to my lesbian friends fucking

A few weeks ago I stayed with my friend Karla–we’ve been friends for years and dated in high school. She was the first girl I ever fucked but that was… Read more


I am sitting here naked in my garage, well I have a pair of pantyhose on normally and another I cut the crotch out of and pulled over my head… Read more

Best Orgasm ever in my life

This is a true story and really happened When I was just a boy I realized that women’s clothing was softer and sexier. I started to steel panties from my… Read more

Fucking myself

I am a 60-year-old man now, married to a Korean woman who does not like sex and is not willing to test fun things out. Since I am not the… Read more

Classroom Slut

First off, I should probably tell you that I’m the horniest slut you’ll ever see. My favorite thing to do is masturbate, but I’m to shy to ask a guy… Read more

Getting caught

Practically my entire life I’ve been sexually infatuated with my dad’s wife (well ex wife now) when I was like 5 she would walk around the apartment naked, or just… Read more

Teenie Explores Exhibitionism at Her Uncle’s Farm

Showing off my new bikini – in my Uncle’s back yard pool [img][/img] I give my Mexican Uncle a lot of credit for helping me develop my exhibitionist side. And… Read more

Samantha’s Release

It was a cool November night, and the life of a quiet town was at its slowest when the clock struck midnight. The atmosphere was damp and cozy. The street… Read more

I cum riding a train with a stranger

This is a story of fiction. It was a summer rush hour in LA. I need to take the train to meet a friend early in the evening for a… Read more


I own a fairly active Family medical practice in Portland and have worked for 9 years building it up with accolades from most of my patients. Part of my success… Read more
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