The Love Of My Life Pt 1

We flopped down onto the couch in Alex’s room with a sigh of relief. Both exhausted after a long night at the bar catching up with everyone after my return… Read more

End of a Long Week Time for Fun

The week slowly ground to a end on Friday afternoon. Chase had finished his day early at work and found his way home and jumped in the shower. His life… Read more

My Initimate experience with a stranger

When we first met we were total strangers.  I visited a family relative and there you were again lusting after me with your eyes.. I notice your prying eyes stripping… Read more

My Beautiful Brianna 1

If some of you visit other sites, you may or may not recognize my username. Please note that the stories I am posting now are ones that I have written.… Read more

Summer is Here

THIS STORY IS PURELY FICTIONAL. PLEASE LEAVE COMMENTS AND LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK OF THE STORY.   Summer is here. Alexis and her family are getting away from… Read more

True Love will win in the end…

The first time I met her I was but a boy in High School, I was a senior and she was a sophomore. She had the body of a goddess… Read more

David and Morgan

I heard the front door slam while I was standing at the stove. My back was to the entryway. I didn’t turn around. But I heard him stop and take… Read more

Dr. T and Corrin

Intro: Corrin was filled with anticipation as she sat waiting for Dr. T. to arrive at the restaurant. She’d been corresponding with him by email since graduation two years earlier,… Read more

Nerd Preferred

Bobjj123 I was what is commonly referred to as a nerd in high school where I was more interested in computer science and electronic media than anything else. By Middle… Read more

Canadian fuck

It was a long 12 hour ride from here to Canada. It was going to be the first time I met Alexander in person! I was so excited. We have… Read more
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