My ex-wife, knocked-up, My confession

This is the story of how I arranged the successful impregnation of my ex-wife Diane by her brother-in-law and his mates, and all against her will. Diane was 15 years… Read more

Milly inseminated

Becoming a mere incubator for childless couples to have just the type of babies they desire. Here at the Clinic, our Doctoress Dragonmage explains to a young couple.      … Read more

Summer Lovin’

She could hear the rain as it hit the oak wood of her front porch where she used to sit and watch him. Watch him chop thousands of slabs of… Read more

Aunt Kate and Mom 2

Just after a couple of hour with Clark ream me a new ass hole, I told Kate that I felt like I could get pregnant . Kate said that would… Read more

Used To Knock Up Girl From India

Hey Gang, It has been really busy around here of late. I wrote while back about my friends from India that have a convenience store over in Carolina and the… Read more

My beautiful pregnnant girlfriend

I was laying in bed and again I noticed I was looking at girlfriend. I thought she was attractive, even now. Even when she kept cursing her swollen belly and… Read more

Fucking my bestfriends mom

Let Me Describe myself a little I’m 6’2 about 200 pounds and very built about an 8 and a half inch dick. My friend is about 6’0 175 pounds built… Read more
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