Anupama Pulls an Indian Train (part 9 of a series)

Anupama pulls ann Indian train of 14 cricketers by Aussie my free story site www.asiansexfightstories.comAfter her victory in a seven hour marathon sex fight Anupama was almost beside herself… Read more

Taking Turns With My Cock

It was a Friday night, and I was hanging out with my girlfriend, Jessica, and her friend Britney. The three of us had been drinking vodka together for several hours… Read more

The classroom blowjobs for huge dicked guy

I was sitting in my classroom. I was 16 years old and now was math lesson. The girl in front of me was Sarah, 15 years old. She was turning… Read more

me & Kirsty take on the rugby team

Well Dean picked us up at 8 oclock, from llandeilo as arranged. Kirsty jumped in the front, and me in the back. Sitting in the back was an older guy… Read more

What the hell has she gotten into…..

“Oh god what has she gotten herself into now!!!!!” she thought. Going to the bar was not unusual for her, she always met old friends there and they danced, flirted… Read more

Stoned and fucked hard

When we were separated my wife went thru and ordeal that took her years to tell me about after we got back together. She wasn’t too used to being single… Read more

Hidden desires finally exposed

I had found a swingers group on the web in a nearby town that met monthly at a local hotel. For many years I have wanted to attend an adult… Read more

Initiation night

      I stood, at attention, in front of the fraternity president.      “All right pledge, this is your initiation, we need to see if you are worthy material. Strip down,… Read more
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