Double massage therapy

I’m a regular guy. I’m straight I dream of women I masturbate and I go to work. But sometimes I’m a daydream about what it feel like to have a… Read more

Big Booty Boy Stories: My First Big Black Cock

Source: This story continues from Story 4 – After School Bathroom Fuck, where it’s the following Monday after school and John and Michael are horny teens wanting to fuck.… Read more

First time naked in public and first time anal

Eight months is a long time to go without sex. I was so incredibly horny it was driving me to do things I normally would not think of doing. I… Read more

Fateful Encounter

We have all had encounters that we remember as well as those we want to forget, and this particular one has stuck in my mind, even though I have for… Read more

Nate sets me a task to complete while he is away on business.

Nate was away on business, but that didnt mean I could rest on my laurels, he had set me a task. The message came through while I was on a… Read more

A young chubby straight lad has his first gay experience

I had always been a little curious as most young men are even if they admit it or not. Tall for my age i stood around 6 foot tall even… Read more

The Royal Interrogator

The young squire boy trembled in fear. He had been in his cell for what seemed like an eternity. The king had ordered him to be interrogated, and he was… Read more

A Series of Fantasies 2018

This story, dear readers, is but one of a developing series outlining my fantasies. All are about how I envision my first encounters with men will transpire. None of this… Read more

First Time

First Time “Have you ever kissed someone?”“No.”He leaned closer. I closed my eyes and leaned forward slightly, as if to give permission, the anticipation was making my hands sweat. 6… Read more

Doctor and Physical Chapter 02

It was half way through the flu season, and everyone around me was starting be caught by the bug, luckily I hadn’t caught it yet. I thought to myself I… Read more
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