I got fucked by a big cock while my wife watched

My wife has been pegging me wither strap on for some time now typically when she’s in one of her Dominant moods, she called me and asked if I was… Read more

Exhibition punished by stranger

Forced by a Stranger The following is not real but, in my mind, sometimes I wish it were:I’ve always been an exhibitionist; I just enjoy being naked in the great… Read more

Abused by 2 men on the subway

Its 11:45pm on a Friday night and I’m sooo disappointed! I’ve been looking forward to tonight’s date all week and it was a total bust. John looked so cute in… Read more

Blackmailed by my own student part 2

Once we entered the house, I realised ot is very small and filthy. “Is this the place you stay, Jeremy? Where are your parents?” He just laughed and told us… Read more

Blackmailed by my own student

I am currently being blackmailed, by my student. Im 46, happily married ( my loving husband is 50). Im a senior teacher here in Singapore. It began one day when… Read more


Wife’s Cheating Dilemma – 3 (FFM, nc, bi, voy,drugs, beast)Chapter 3 As you, dear reader, will recall my Spanish wife had been cheating and was receiving some “special” treatment from… Read more

From Tease to Taken – surviving prom a virgin

BackgroundMegan was your typical high school senior who lived a sheltered life in a beautiful suburban home with a loving mother and father; your classic all american midwestern girl. From… Read more

Megan’s College Awakening

(This is a stand alone story but to find out how Megan lost her virginity at prom check out my other published stories) Megan sat in her room excited to… Read more

A hard life

—If you enjoyed this story, please write to me and let me know. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.—Marie looked out of her small, ground-floor tenement window onto a broken patio… Read more

Forced Sissy by my Cashier

My Female Cashier Forced Me to Be A SissyMy name is Jace and I am a former store manager before I was “quit” unfourtanately most people are usually fired from… Read more
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