In the Library (full story)

In the Library Kitty had been seeing him come into the university library for the past week now. The first time was when he asked her where some research volumes… Read more

The Renters – part 1

__The Renters__   Awhile back I answered a Craigslist post from a desperate lesbian couple that went like this: >>My girlfriend and I are in a difficult situation. Both of… Read more

My Aunt Kate

My mom call and ask me to go see my aunt she been asking were I been, I told mom I would go this afternoon . My aunt Kate was… Read more

Far as it will go down 2

After haven Jay over once, I gave him a call and ask if he could come back over tonight he said you need more cum . I need that big… Read more

Far as it will go down

It was in the middle of the week and I was filling horny, and I new most of the guys that I new would be working. I went to the… Read more

Erotic Story Of A Sexy Asian

James has had fantasies of Asian women ever since he was 9 yrs old. It all started when he first saw Kitty. Kitty was a waitress at a local Chinese… Read more
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