Pretending to be drunk for Dad

I had just graduated high school. AMonth or so before I had came home drunk and couldn’t even remember getting in bed. I woke the next morning naked in bed… Read more

Neighbor affair

Hello this happened back when I was in my early twenties.My husband and I had just gotten married. I was out sun bathing while my husband was asleep he worked… Read more

George’s MILF Whores – Deanna 6

Howard had sent Scott out of town, and it was a Monday morning, Deanna walked into Howard’s office and he had Suki, laid across his desk as he was thrusting… Read more

Kidnapped into BDSM submission

Of course, it happened again. Another breakup with another girlfriend only this time it was quicker than usual. At 35 years old I still couldn’t keep from getting bored with… Read more

My cousin sister and her friend banged

Hi readers, I’m a regular visiter of sex stories and I’m a huge fan of these.I’m ananth, 27 living in Bangalore. I’m a lecturer working in a premier institute in… Read more

My sister and our dog

One day I came home from school early and I thought no one else was home. I heard noises coming from my sister’s bedroom so I went by her bedroom… Read more

My drunk mother

When I was a teenager my parents divorced and Mom started to drink a lot. I would find her around the house half undressed or completely naked drunk passed out… Read more

Become Berry, Or, How Alice McMahon Became Her Husband’s Favourite Slut, Pt 1

This story is a work of fiction. Hey folks. First post here on sex stories post, and it’s the first part of a series. For those of you wanting more… Read more

I got fucked by a big cock while my wife watched

My wife has been pegging me wither strap on for some time now typically when she’s in one of her Dominant moods, she called me and asked if I was… Read more

The Glazed Donut

The Glazed Donut It all started when I was 16 years old and working the midnight shift at a restaurant on the Ohio turnpike. There was usually three of us… Read more
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